AUD [Australian Dollar] GBP [Pound Sterling] AUD/GBP 0.4629
AUD [Australian Dollar] ZimUSD [Zimbabwe USD] AUD/ZimUSD 0.682
AUD [Australian Dollar] ZAR [Rand] AUD/ZAR 10.7596
AUD [Australian Dollar] NZD [New Zealand Dollar] AUD/NZD 1.0136
AUD [Australian Dollar] GHS [Ghana Cedi] AUD/GHS 0.0
AUD [Australian Dollar] KES [Kenyan Shilling] AUD/KES 86.29
GBP [Pound Sterling] ZimUSD [Zimbabwe USD] GBP/ZimUSD 1.4
NZD [New Zealand Dollar] ZimUSD [Zimbabwe USD] NZD/ZimUSD 0.6624
BWP [Pula] ZimUSD [Zimbabwe USD] BWP/ZimUSD 0.135
ZAR [Rand] ZimUSD [Zimbabwe USD] ZAR/ZimUSD 0.131

How to send money.


Stage 1  Online Registration 

  • Register Online with Musika PLC.
  • In December 2006, new anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) legislation was passed in Australia.
  • This new legislation requires Remitance Service Provides to implement new policies, procedures and reporting standards to better identify, mitigate and manage risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing activities for International Money Transfers.

Stage 2 Validating your registration

  • Musika PLC can now validate you identity online. No need to scan or photcopy documents. 
  • Online Identification is done though various databases like the Immigration Office, Tax Office Driving Authorities, Medicare etc.
  • To validate your account we need any two forms of ID's that can give 100 points from any of the valid sources we use for ID. PLEASE NOTE, WE CAN NOT USE A NORTHEN TERRITORY DRIVING LICENCE TO IDENTIFY CLIENTS ONLINE. 
  • Online verification allows you to register and send money in minutes.

Stage 3: The actual process of sending money

By logging in and placing the order yourself  in five easy steps.
No Access to Internet or busy





Note: You will not be asked to provide payment details online.Musika only accepts direct bank deposits. This can be done by physically walking into the bank or through internet banking. Funds transferred over the internet from a different bank may take a day or two to clear.  We only process transactions when funds have cleared in our account.
 Note the number •086271300 will be answered by our Zimbabwe Office if you call after 7a.m. Zimbabwe time. Also note local call charges apply when calls are answer from our Zimbabwean office  you will not be charged as an international call.
263772819603 can also receive calls. International call charges apply.
0400601304 is an online bulks number it does not receive calls

Updated March 2013

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